Shanghai Xing Feng Choi Board Light Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a trade and industry enterprises, and has its own registered trading company --- Shanghai Jie Feng International Trade Co., Ltd. Our factory has developed...

Our main products are:

sandwich panels, prefabricated activities room, container room, packing box, light steel villas, steel structure plant, warehouse, workshop

and so on. We have established a long-term cooperation....

1. Professional foreign trade team 2. Advanced production equipment 3. First-class after-sales service 4. Mature industry and trade enterprise 5. Make the international metropolis of Shanghai, excellent brand...

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  • Why You Should Choose Prefab House From Xingfeng

    18 Aug 2017

    A smaller trend in sustainable design over the last few years has been to reuse containers to create structures. Due to their size, convenient and shipping Prefab House is well suited for use in the house, the attraction is that they are on the surface of a simple: you can put a ...

  • The Most Important Benefit Of Steel Frame House Is Durability

    16 Aug 2017

    Often used in commercial building applications, the steel frame house has been neglected for many years in residential buildings. This change is slowly changing as homeowners and builders embrace the safety advantages of steel frames and increase durability. Although the steel fr...


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  • Shanghai Xingfeng Color Board Light Steel Structure Co., Ltd

    Shanghai Xingfeng Color Board Light Steel Structure Co., Ltd