light steel villa

light steel villa

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Flexible and diverse design to meet a variety of different needs- housing, villas, offices, hotels, etc.

Compared with traditional construction, its installation is more fast, energy saving, and the floor, walls, roofs, etc. use a large number of thermal insulation materials, which have the function of sound insulation at the same time.

As the main structure of the use of light steel structure, so that the weight of the entire housing structure is 20% -30% of ordinary housing, which can save a lot of basic production and cost, and housing seismic capacity is its greatest advantage.

We have variety of materials and can customize according to different requirements of different configurations, which can achieve a variety of appearance style and unique shape.

We are experts who have designed and manufactured prefabricated houses for 20 years of and can provide a variety of design resources, logistics supply chain and on-site installation experienced engineer teams. Our company has passed the ISO quality certification system, and successfully passed CE certification in 2016. Our products are exported to Europe, United States and other developed countries.



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