container homes

container homes

Some container rooms are standard size, before the shipment, doors and windows location size have been prefabricated. As soon as reach the destination, it can be direct installed to use, convenient and quick, because it is a container, so you can direct shipping it, which is convenient and quick.

Packing box has the same size as the container, so it can be very convenient to put in, which is easy to transport. Installation only need a few people one day to complete the 1-2 sets of installation, which is very fast.

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We are experts who have designed and manufactured prefabricated houses for 20 years of and can provide a variety of design resources, logistics supply chain and on-site installation experienced engineer teams. Our company has passed the ISO quality certification system, and successfully passed CE certification in 2016. Our products are exported to Europe, United States and other developed countries.

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