Xingfeng Offers You High Quality Container Homes

Update:25 Oct 2017

In the field of construction, the Container Homes is an […]

In the field of construction, the Container Homes is an extremely important role, because of its rental that is, that is, buy the characteristics of the market received favor. Container home 's style and quality of the activities of the room is also rising, prefabricated module room to become a representative of high quality temporary housing.

Construction site requires a lot of temporary workers dormitories, temporary command post, etc., due to the large number of temporary dormitory demand is also very large. Want to solve these people's housing problems, not only need to quickly build, the quality of the control also need to be strictly treated. If you are short-term, it is recommended that you take a rental model, do not have to spend a lot of money to buy, a large degree of cost savings, but also to allow workers to live in a very comfortable environment. In the construction site of the construction site, high-quality container homes, such as container dormitory, container restaurant, container office, container warehouse, container guard room, container toilet and so on, can meet the needs of enterprise production and staff life At the same time, has become a beautiful scenery.

Container Homes size is usually 20ft box or 40ft box, the overall unit size and standard container consistent, easy to sea, land transport, hoisting, but also save transportation costs. The Container Homes type according to the standard container requirements split two to four re-assembly for transport. Just from the factory to the scene, on the ground on the flat site that is completed housing. It can also be stacked and installed, the stack will be fixed after the formation of a two-story building.

The container has an irreplaceable advantage in terms of cost, transportation, on-site installation simplicity, installation speed and removable flexibility. The specific advantages include: Convenient transportation, especially for units that frequently change construction points; rugged, quality structure, with a strong anti-seismic, anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process so that this activity room has a good watertight; activity room based on the standard steel chassis above, you can derive a number of combinations of space. Such as conference rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets, warehouses and so on. Easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and solid, good shock performance, waterproof fire corrosion, light weight.

Container Homes for the overall structure, within the framework of the wall for the color steel composite panels, the overall migration, the service life of up to 20 years, suitable for staff quarters, offices, security room, shops and so on.

How to choose a container homes is also particularly important. In this regard, the relevant industry sources, in the choice of container homes, the first to understand whether you buy the container housing business has its own Container Homes production and processing factories, whether they have their own corporate culture and production philosophy. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the price of container homes products and the materials used in the market, the most extensive container homes materials, mainly to sandwich color plate as the basic structure of materials, this material is filled with rock wool, because Rock wool sandwich color plate has a good fire, thermal insulation effect. The last is to look at this container housing business has a good after-sales service.