Why You Should Choose Xingfeng Container Homes

Update:12 Dec 2017

Living Container Homes and other light steel structure […]

Living Container Homes and other light steel structure housing products and brick-built housing compared to great advantages. The first is flexibility, and the living container can be moved as a whole without disassembly, so as to better maintain the integrity of the container container.

In environmental protection, living containers uphold the concept of green, rarely produce construction waste, can better protect the environment. Abroad, living containers have long been widely used, initially because containers are cheap and for those who do not have life support. Later, as the advantages of living containers stand out, most people accept it as a store, warehouse, or build an excellent villa. In addition, the living containers are generally welded together, the use of steel frame, the structure is more robust, can withstand greater pressure and impact, can better resist typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Houses can be rented for purchase, customers can choose to buy or rent live container products, the way more flexible, customers can have more choices. The container light steel structure house generally adopts the welded structure and the welded steel structure, which makes the structure of the container light steel structure more sturdy, able to withstand greater pressure and impact, and better able to withstand the impact of natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquake, So people can live more peace of mind and comfort.

First select the light steel frame house, try to choose a better flame retardant building materials, such as rock wool color plate, polyurethane color plate.

Followed by the construction of light steel frame housing should be strictly in accordance with the activities of building board design of the corresponding fire safety code design, and related treatment measures. In order to facilitate safe and reliable residential.