Why Steel Frame House is a Safe Choice

Update:20 Nov 2017

Consider building a steel frame house? Steel is not onl […]

Consider building a steel frame house? Steel is not only very durable, but also a very safe building material. Here are some safety information about the steel frame to help you make a decision.

Steel frame house must be grounded. Grounding guarantees that if a steel frame is exposed to electrical current, the steel will conduct electricity directly to the earth, minimizing the risk of electrocution.

All steel framed houses must have circuit breakers installed to prevent lightning and other current damage. If your house is struck by lightning, electricity will flow directly into the ground without causing damage.

Many people think that steel houses are more susceptible to lightning, but steel is actually safer than wood because it is a better electrical conductor and does not dissipate energy destructively around the frame.

In Australia, many of us live in areas where forest fires may occur, so making sense with refractory materials. Steel frame is a fantastic alternative to fire-retardant wood. As the steel is non-flammable, it will remain at a higher temperature than the wood frame.

Steel houses are more resistant to ignition during fire and do not burn more fuel as wood frames do. Building a steel-framed house does not guarantee that your property can be protected from fire, but it will significantly reduce the risk of fire.

The steel frame will provide a very solid foundation for your home. Steel is designed to bend rather than crack, and in extreme weather conditions, such as storms or strong winds, it will maintain its strength. It is also termite resistance, increasing its durability.

Steel Frame House is an excellent substitute for wood, safe, durable and reasonable price. Dynamic Steel Frames are experts in building steel housing frames to fit any specification and using the latest engineering techniques.