Why People Choose Xingfeng Light Steel Villa

Update:14 Dec 2017

Compared with the traditional brick houses, the Light S […]

Compared with the traditional brick houses, the Light Steel Villa differ from the traditional ones mainly in the following aspects: Different materials are selected for the new type of houses, mainly including energy-saving and environment-friendly materials such as corrosion-resistant steel, gypsum board, OSB board, Hot and green materials, etc .; different construction methods, the new building materials are produced in the factory, assembled in the assembly line to the house parts, transported directly to the scene after the assembly; performance, the new house generally has good comfort And security, a lot of performance is not available in traditional houses. There are many types of new homes, led by our well-known light steel houses. Light steel housing adaptability is very wide, southern North can be used, light steel housing is also very safe and comfortable.

Light steel villa is very beautiful, so many people put the light steel villa equal to the suburbs villas, that this is rich exclusive, ordinary people simply can not afford. The main reason for the expensive suburban villas is the land price is high, the area is large, the construction cost is high, but the construction cost of the light steel villa is not high. The average peasant house building area is not large, there is no land price problem, In fact, the price of villas can be accepted, considering the cost of economic construction costs and the difference is not large traditional houses

Activities of the board house and light steel villas have many similarities, such as first transported to the site after the production of the factory assembly, construction speed, flexible and mobile and so on. However, there are fundamental differences between the light steel villa and the movable house: the light steel villa has an independent load-bearing structure which has the properties of heat insulation, sound insulation and fire protection, etc., is safe, comfortable and beautiful, has long service life, has multiple purposes and is suitable for long-term use. Light steel villa life can reach 100 years. Visible light steel villas and activities board room are two completely different concepts.