Why light steel villas stand out in many ways of building houses

Update:13 Mar 2018

Light steel villas, also known as light steel structure […]

Light steel villas, also known as light steel structures, are mainly made of hot-dip galvanized steel strips made of cold-rolled steel keel. After accurate calculations with the support and integration of accessories, they are reasonable. The new type of housing capacity is superior to the traditional housing in the structural stability of the house.
Light steel villas are only one-fifth to one-seventh of their weight, and they are excellent in seismic performance (can resist 9-degree earthquakes).
The light steel structure with the main structure connected by fasteners is like a safe and stable box. It does not cause wall collapse or floor fall and endangers personal problems. (The same effect of wind resistance, a house is lighter Dozens of hundreds of tons, I would like to ask you to see what winds blow down such giants, not to mention the close connection with the ground.)
The speed of on-site construction will not affect the nearby residents in favor of civilized construction.
The dry construction method is used for construction and will not cause waste of water data. And save money.
The light-steel structure has a small wall thickness, which can increase the effective use area compared with the brick-concrete structure;
The production of light steel structure accessories has a high degree of industrialization and mechanization, a high degree of commercialization, and a strong controllability of the housing structure.