Why Container Homes Are Better Than Site-Built Homes

Update:08 Sep 2017

View a paste job site. Better in the rain. Look at how […]

View a paste job site. Better in the rain. Look at how much caking the soil at the bottom of the family, how wet the wood is, and take note of the extreme situation where the staff must be confronted with the temperature and weather conditions that are constructed in this way. Container Homes are built in climate-controlled factories, and staff are comfortable every day and do similar jobs. On the other hand, the site staff almost no supervision, but also the builder's supervisor, must unilaterally provide supervision and quality control for each construction phase.

When you visit the sturdy home in the rain, consider the possible impact of the weather on the construction timeline. The modular process allows a large number of uncontrollable forces to be relieved, since the family completes from a foundation to 80% of the day. Although a family building a house may be subject to different rain, snow, wind and heat cycles, with all the associated delays and wear of personnel and materials, the container home is built in the factory for about 2 weeks and the production plan is virtually unchanged of.

On-site construction of the building is a platform-style, a layer of the ceiling structure is the above floor structure. The resulting family is a stacked box product that is stronger and more stable than a platform structure. This explains how the container home comes from the factory's pipes, electrical, dry walls, and even cabinets and tiles complete! It also explains why the structure is stronger: their construction is much higher than the structure of the site.

Quality Control is a good way to make sure your home is built. The best granite, the most rare Brazilian flooring and the most beautiful interior decor can not correct the mistakes in the construction process. The only way for a family to establish a strict standard from time to time is to build a strong quality management system and build a site-built house that falls entirely on the shoulder of the construction site. By contrast, container families are set up by skilled workers in the factory, and they have the same manager to supervise them one day a day. However, local inspectors do not check the quality, just to comply with building regulations, so if you want the family to build well, it is important to understand the QC process of the construction staff.