What factors are affected by the quality of the color steel movable room?

Update:09 Jun 2017

Color steel movable room is the most widely used tempor […]

Color steel movable room is the most widely used temporary architecture, which is loved by consumers and is a hot market product. Therefore, there are some vendors want to fish in troubled waters, sell some quality unqualified real activity to obtain profits. This requires us to pay special attention to the quality of the sheet when we buy this new type of mobile house. According to the company's experience, in fact, to identify the quality of color housing activities
You can see it from three.
The first is to use the eyes to see the fine quality of this kind of movable room board. Using the plate color activity room in the appearance of crystallization is very fine, so if you buy the activities of the housing has a cross section in the appearance of the delicate, so quality of this activity room is no problem. However, if the cross sectional area of the living room, the appearance of impurities, gray hair, dark, then the quality is certainly not good.
Secondly, you can use your fingers to hit the movable room board to listen to the sound. Because of this color steel moving room in the built-in structure of metal, so you knock when there must be a metal sound, and the sound is relatively crisp. But if you buy a room board after knocking a heavy sound, then there is no metal structure.
Finally, the thickness of the sheet. This kind of movable room is obviously different from the old movable room on the thickness of the plate, so the user can see the quality directly from the appearance when buying.
After reading the above introduction, we have mastered the specific methods of identifying the quality of color housing activities, and I hope to help you to buy the best quality Choi steel activities room.