What are the types of activity board houses? 4 types of mobile housing applications

Update:28 Apr 2018

The activity board room, as the name suggests, is a hou […]

The activity board room, as the name suggests, is a house that can be "active" freely, because it can be disassembled and installed at will, it is also easy to transport, and can be designed and installed according to customer requirements. It is not only of practical value, but also of ornamental value, whether it is in life. It is also widely used in construction. As a new type of product that is widely used, the mobile board room is also quite rich in categories, and its application fields are also different. However, if we look at the major categories, there are four main categories.

First, a container-type movable board house: Generally, the size of a 20-foot container is used as a unit. This type of movable board house has been fully assembled in the factory. It only needs to be transported from the factory to the site, and it will be completed on-site on a flat site. The house can also be stacked and installed. This type of container-type movable board house is very beneficial to the project site because of its outstanding mobility, strong practicality, and ready-to-use features.

Second, the unit modular activity board house: It is the activity board room up, down, front, rear, left, right divided into several departments, according to design requirements in the factory to complete the parts processing, shipped to the scene, and then according to the construction plans The various departments are spliced together to become a complete light house. It is less constrained by transportation, can be custom-made with the user's size requirements, and the construction of a two-story house does not need to be based. Therefore, this type of movable board room is also mainly used as a company's office, control room, or lounge.

Third, the steel structure of color steel plate combination activity board room: This type of activity board room in the factory processing steel column, steel beam, color steel sandwich panel, on-site first construction to do a good job, the factory processing of steel beams, steel columns assembled Then, the Caigang sandwich panels were plugged in one by one, and they were fixed with self-tapping screws. After that, construction of a building was completed. This type of movable board room is not restricted by transportation and can be built in any size, so the scope of application is also very wide. Plants, warehouses, garages, supermarkets, exhibitions, etc. can all be used.

Fourth, villa-style activity board room: In recent years, with the continuous development of the activity board room, the activity room has also begun to apply in the villa. Some large-scale exhibition or conference center dormitories and temporary offices required by the media can all be considered as small villa-type activity board houses. This is not only beautiful, but also saves time, money, and money.