What are the advantages of steel structure?

Update:04 Jul 2017

   First, the steel structure is light weight: the bulk […]

   First, the steel structure is light weight: the bulk density of steel structure is large, compared with other building materials, its strength is much higher, so when the load and the same conditions, the steel structure than other structures, easy to transport And install, and can span a larger span.
    Second, the plasticity and toughness of steel Good plasticity, so that the steel structure is generally not because of accidental overload or partial overload and sudden fracture damage. Toughness is good, so that the steel structure of the dynamic load adaptability. These properties of steel provide a guarantee for the safety and reliability of steel structures.
   Third, the steel is closer to the homogeneous and isotropic body of the internal structure of steel is relatively uniform, very close to the homogeneous and isotropic body, in a certain range of stress is almost completely elastic. These properties are more consistent with the assumptions in the mechanical calculation, so the results of the steel structure are more realistic than the actual force.
    Fourth, the steel structure is simple, easy to use industrial production, construction and installation cycle of short steel structure by a variety of profiles, production is simple. A large number of steel structures are manufactured in specialized metal structures; high precision. Made of components shipped to the scene assembled, the use of bolts, and the structure of light, so the construction is convenient, short construction period. In addition, the built steel structure is also easy to disassemble, reinforcement or transformation.
    Fifth, the steel structure of the good sealing of the steel structure of the air tightness and watertight better.
    Six, the heat resistance of steel structure is good, but the fire performance of poor heat resistance and heat-resistant high temperature. As the temperature increases, the strength decreases.   When there is radiation around the heat, the temperature above 150 degrees, it should take measures to block. If in the event of a fire, the structural temperature of more than 500 degrees, it may all instantaneous collapse. In order to improve the fire resistance of the steel structure, usually with concrete or brick to wrap it up.
   Seven, steel is easy to rust, should take protective measures Steel in humid environment, especially in corrosive media environment is easy to rust, must paint or galvanized, but also during the use of regular maintenance.http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/