Welding method of steel structure

Update:31 Jul 2017

   At present, more and more buildings use steel struct […]

   At present, more and more buildings use steel structure, so what are the welding methods and welding forms of steel structure, what are the methods?.
   Methods including SMAW welding steel structure, carbon dioxide (COz) gas welding, self shielded arc welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding, vertical welding, stud welding and welding method of combination.
   One、Electrode arc welding
   SMAW or manual arc welding, manual arc welding or welding rod arc welding, electric welding method of welding is a manual electrode. The principle of electrode arc welding is to weld metal into welding by utilizing the arc heat produced by welding electrode and workpiece. Welding electrode melting process, generating gas and slag, slag and gas in joint protection, effectively eliminate the harmful effects of the surrounding air, by metallurgical reaction, metal and slag melting temperature between reduction and metal cleaning are required for the welding seam.
   Electrode arc welding is a highly adaptable welding method. It has been widely used in the construction of actinium structure, welding in indoor and outdoor medium and high altitude, the vertical and transverse supine position. The welding equipment required is simple and flexible and convenient to use. In most cases, the welded joint can be realized with the strength of the base metal. Applicable to a wide range of welding steel, minimum weldable steel plate thickness is l mm.
   The disadvantage of electrode arc welding is that the production efficiency is low and the labor intensity is great.
   Two 、carbon dioxide (COz) gas shielded welding
   Carbon dioxide (Cq) gas shielded welding is a technology developed in 1950s, according to the degree of automation of the automatic Co, Yi body welding and semi-automatic co welding, two, used in the construction of the steel structure is mainly semi automatic Co. gas shielded arc welding has become an important melting welding method.
   (1) CO: characteristics and application requirements of gas shielded arc welding.
   (2) the composition of semi-automatic gas shielded arc welding machine. Semi automatic C0 gas shielded welding machine usually consists of arc welding power supply, wire feeding mechanism, welding wire, gas and so on.
   Three 、submerged arc welding
   Tick is a submerged arc electric I in granular ch flux layer, automatic D welding method wells combustion in the cavity, the radiant heat of arc welding, the drop wire and flux melting and evaporation gas formation, lined up around the arc melting wa to form a closed cavity, the arc burns stably in the cavity of the cavity. The upper part is a layer of molten solder, i.e. slag film am, this layer of slag film not only can effectively protect the molten metal, the arc radiation hinder operations who no longer shoot out, at the same time, a large number of solder melting has reduced, purifying and alloying on molten metal effect.
   The difference between the steel structure engineering of submerged arc welding and manual welding is the main arc starting, stable arc combustion, maintain conveying wire, arc welding and moving end of the crater fill action, all is the use of submerged arc self realization.
   Since the secret of submerged arc welding is divided into different levels of automatic submerged arc welding and semi automatic submerged arc welding, the difference is that the moving arc automatic submerged arc welding is controlled by the specialized agencies to complete, and submerged arc automatic welding process is completed by hand arc Tun mobile,
   Submerged arc welding machine is off the machine, multi wire welding wire, a tandem, transverse and vertical type etc..
   The characteristics of submerged arc welding is the production of teaching rate, saving material and energy exploration; melting is suitable for thick plate welding, metal spatter I} stable welding process, welding ay good quality, beautiful forming I protection effect is good, no radiation hazards.http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/