The importance of late maintenance of light steel villas

Update:09 Aug 2017

   Regardless of the quality of the material, and no ma […]

   Regardless of the quality of the material, and no matter what the manufacturer claims, if you do not have the basic requirements for the maintenance of the house, the material will not always intact. Adherence to maintenance is the only way to ensure that any facade is maximally expected. So what is the maintenance method of light steel villa? Let's take a look at the following.
In the vicinity of the house, pay special attention to the south and southwest walls, because they are completely exposed to the sun, the temperature changes, and thus easy to deteriorate at a faster speed. The walls are easy to mold.
   1. Check the water may penetrate into the wall of any form of (rain, melting snow, or ice) water is the main object of residential maintenance, water damage is often the need to repair the external wall of the first signal.
   2. Check the section near the drain and sewer at the wall. The decoration near this can often clearly reflect the water problem.
   3. Check these parts of the tree wall that are standing next to the house or the walls of the tree above the house are often affected by the growth of fungi and moldy, which eventually leads to rotting in the case of wooden decorative walls. It is advisable to have a minimum of 50mm between the exterior wall and any bushes.
   4. Check the cold rolled light steel (or balsa) skeleton components below the signs of damage and insect bite, especially in direct contact with the soil of cold-rolled light steel (or balsa) skeleton components. Wooden decorative facades and floors Till and soil should be kept at least 150mm intervals to prevent damage to insects and moisture.
   5. Regular inspection of aluminum, PVC and steel hanging plate if the wind by the wind, resulting in decorative wall fall, maintenance also need to consult expert advice.