The application of color steel sheet has the characteristics of fire protection

Update:29 Jun 2017

      Steel manufacturers Color steel plate material is […]

      Steel manufacturers Color steel plate material is light weight, general control in three hundred and fifty kilograms per square metre to four hundred and fifty kilograms per square metre, use not heavy, but also give people confidence and sense of security. Color steel manufacturers to produce color steel plate material, good thermal insulation, melting point and even one thousand and three hundred, is moderate, so fire performance is higher. For these color steel plate material use has become an important part of our life, is now the most frequently used and, for these color steel plate material application will only have more development in the future, and this development is our mode of production has a direct relationship. Therefore, in general, color steel plate material model after special treatment can be made more of our application, but also for the protection of the environment is more help, because this new color can be more able to collect excess heat, and can be smoothly released. In this process, the gradient change is very small. It can also reduce wear and tear.
     Color steel plate material model through special processing manufacture is applied to industrial and mining production houses and buildings, that is used for all types of wall material wall external insulation materials, color steel plate model through special treatment when manufacturing preferred. It has also been applied to the partition, the use of a ceiling, staircases, and the main use of the ceiling, can achieve sound insulation, heat preservation, insulation, insulation role. The use of new special treatment of color steel plate material, not only insulation, boiling heat performance is very high, but also convenient and fast, energy-saving effect has reached the national standard. A new type of specially made color steel sheet, material, building, construction and other industries.log on to our official website for more details :