The Advantages of Steel Frame House Compared With Wooden Frame

Update:28 Aug 2017

Imagine the wooden frame of a traditional house, but th […]

Imagine the wooden frame of a traditional house, but there are 2x4s, 2x6s, etc., with steel nails. The studs themselves start with large steel plates. These sheet passing through a series or roller, they don't use heat, so that the steel bending, thus make more useful for building shape, such as flange, mesh and lip shape or shapes. Steel nails have various shapes and sizes, just as builders have been accustomed to seeing on the size of wood, including 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, and so on. The length is a custom cut in the steel works. Moreover, there is no loss of integrity or strength due to the lack of heat to mold steel. This shape makes the steel nails stronger than the original steel. Steel nails can be sold or sold as a wall panel for sale.

Because Steel Frame House is so strong, durable, wide range of USES, price is low, it can be used as the framework of a variety of situations, from skyscrapers, Bridges and high-rise buildings, the smaller building such as commercial shopping center and residential projects. Since the strength of the steel is so high that the weight ratio is so high, it is ideal for a long time span. Steel, for example, provides a vast, open living space for homes.

The steel structure's high strength - weight ratio gives designers and engineers more options, using less frame material, allowing longer spans and wider intermediate intervals. In other words, less nails are needed in the installation of houses or buildings, and larger open Spaces can be used in houses or buildings.

Galvanized steel is not flammable, perishable, corrosion resistant. It does not shrink, distort, distort, crack, divide or expand. This means that your wall is straight, it's a square of the life of the house, it's going to be a long time. The steel structure helps with better drywall and appearance, as well as the installation of doors and Windows.