The Advantages of Light Steel Villa From Xingfeng

Update:07 Dec 2017

Light Steel Villa products in its life cycle, the effic […]

Light Steel Villa products in its life cycle, the efficiency of energy use is still relatively high, the end of the product is still a large number of materials and parts can be recycled without generating large amounts of construction waste, light steel structure of residential The mode of production makes the construction process and the final product more environmentally friendly and the utilization of resources is more reasonable.

It can save resources and protect the environment. It is also the basic national policy of the state to promote industrial and residential industrialization projects. Light steel villa building is a green building structure system. While advancing green building, green design and green building, the appearance of building system, structural system and construction equipment will become the development trend of China's construction industry. First, sustainable ecological advantages.

Third, seismic performance advantages. Steel structure Residential building structure generally adopts steel frame or steel frame - supporting structure system. For high-rise buildings, the use of energy-saving shock-absorbing structural support system, high load-carrying capacity of steel, good ductility, reliable connection nodes, even in the earthquake can also achieve the general maintenance can continue to use the performance target, its seismic performance is much higher than Cast-in-place or assembly of reinforced concrete structures to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

Fourth, anti-seepage and noise insulation and other physical properties of the building. Due to the good quality of the composite wallboard and has good ductility, can be well adapted to the overall structure of the deformation due to a variety of different loads to ensure that the outer wall does not crack; for the seams, in addition to the sealant, the back Water hole, water seepage may occur infiltration, water seepage caused by leakage, to ensure that the seal structure of the envelope requirements, toilet with a soft material with good water resistance, to prevent leakage, to create a comfortable and clean bathroom.