Ten advantages of light steel structure residence

Update:12 Jun 2017

Light steel structure residential ten major advantages […]

Light steel structure residential ten major advantages of the light steel residential design the principle of integration, shows the new characteristics of industrial products manufacturing and construction design technique combining the architectural design module is the concrete forms.
1, light steel structure villa structure stability
Cold-formed steel prefabricated building system of the main load-bearing structure and using cold-formed steel sheet composed of ribbed plate wall structure, the structure has good integrity, light weight structure, can resist 9 earthquake and wind speed of 50 m / s of the hurricane.
2, light steel structure villa industrialization
Cold wall type materials used by steel prefabricated building system (cold-formed thin-wall steel C steel or U steel connecting piece, structural plate, insulation, insulation materials, etc.) for all industrial products, factors affecting the quality of component is greatly reduced, can easily control the component quality. The dimension control of the component reaches the millimeter scale, which provides a good foundation for the later decoration project. The industrialization of production provides sufficient space for large-scale construction and industrialization development of the building structure system.
3, light steel structure villa construction is quick
In addition to the construction of the foundation in accordance with the traditional form of structure (the amount of infrastructure is less than the basis of the traditional reinforced concrete structure), the construction of steel structure houses fully realize the factory prefabrication and site assembly construction. When the component is installed, the utility model achieves the strength of 100%, without the intermittent construction technology, and improves the labor productivity. The components are precisely processed according to the design drawings, the site construction is completely dry, and the construction civilization is high. Easy to master the installation technology, an ordinary worker training two days later, you can skilled installation. Construction speed, the real estate development funds invested faster, the completion of a 200~300 square metres of housing, the main structure of the installation, only one to two weeks, to achieve rough decoration standards only 1 months time.
4, light steel structure villa suitable for construction in a variety of geological conditions on the foundation
Cold-formed steel C steel or U steel prefabricated housing system of housing is equivalent to the weight of the weight of the traditional reinforced concrete structure of 1/4 to 1/5, can greatly reduce the foundation construction cost, can be built in the low bearing capacity of Foundation (such as mountain area, hilly area) without special foundation treatment.
5, light steel structure villa construction affected by climate conditions small
The construction site of cold-formed thin-wall steel C steel or U steel assembled house is assembled and fully dry work can be carried out under various climate conditions, in most areas of our country, can realize annual continuous construction.
6, light steel structure, the villa interior space is flexible
Thin-wall steel C steel or U steel and reinforced concrete structures, with higher strength to weight ratio, the span of up to 9 meters, for the residents to provide more space segmentation free, personalized residential is no longer just a dream.
7, light steel structure villa has more use area
Cold-formed steel C steel or U steel prefabricated housing system housing wall thickness is generally 100-150mm, the size of the structure is greatly reduced, the use of residential area can be as high as 92%, compared with the traditional building use area increased about 7%-10%. The pipelines of the hydropower system can be conveniently arranged in the wall and the floor structure, so the design and construction do not require too much time and effort. Tall green house -- ten major advantages of light steel structure residence
8, light steel structure villa appearance, rich and varied
The excellent processing properties of structural materials provide the possibility for building various styles of architectural shapes. Architects have completely untied the bondage of traditional building materials and greatly enriched the landscape content of residential areas.
9, light steel structure villa comfortable and energy-saving, perfect thermal insulation structure design, 100mm thickness of glass cotton insulation layer, its thermal insulation performance is equivalent to 1m thickness brick wall.
Experiments show that the structure of exterior wall thermal conductivity is only 0.46; sound insulation performance of light steel structure composite wall can reach more than 50dB; excellent insulation performance, not only provide a healthy and comfortable living environment for the residents, but compared with the reinforced concrete structure, such as 60% ~ 70%.
10, light steel structure, villa materials, high utilization rate
Cold-formed steel C steel or U steel prefabricated building system using cold-formed thin-wall steel C steel or U steel frame, steel can be 100% recycling, recovery of other supporting material utilization rate is higher than 80%.http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/