Steel Frame House is Safer Than You Think

Update:03 Nov 2017

Steel frame house components are becoming the first cho […]

Steel frame house components are becoming the first choice for commercial buildings for a reason: they are reasonably priced, durable and, above all, very safe.

Owners find that metal construction meets the highest standards in providing elemental protection, natural disasters, intruders and pest infestations. Prefabricated and professionally constructed metal buildings can be designed to meet the client's personal and professional safety and environmental needs while providing a flexible plan and look.

Steel construction does not need to look like huge boxes unless you want them. You probably drive a building every day, and you never guess it's made of steel. Metal can be any shape, texture and color you want. Steel is coated to protect it from rusting, and additional coatings can be added to make it look like wood, concrete, brick, or any other material.

Let's see why steel is the best material for your construction project.

There are several components that make metal construction the safest choice for commercial and municipal applications. Customers have the ability to work with engineers and designers to create buildings that meet their individual safety needs. The buildings are built and assembled by professionals certified by the rigorous OSHA Metal Building Safety Standards and will be almost indestructible once the buildings are erected of.

In the late 19th century, steel was identified as more durable and safer than cast iron and the material of choice for commercial construction. It is now the main frame material for North America and the rest of the world. Decades of testing along the way ensure that steel structures are designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety and building standards. 3D modeling helps engineers and architects identify potentially dangerous problems and correct mistakes before they are field-level.