Some Common Misconceptions About Container Homes

Update:30 Aug 2017

The first and most important - a modular and manufactur […]

The first and most important - a modular and manufactured home is different. Manufacturing is moving house, Container Homes were built according to closed factory set piece, according to the specifications of the architect design, there are a lot of plans to choose from, there are many possible designs.

There are different standards and building codes. Modular houses must be in line with local and state norms that are the same as traditional building houses on the site. These codes may vary from state to state. Building housing must comply with HUD housing specifications. In most cases, modular housing code is more thorough and involves regulating energy efficiency.

Modular families provide many custom design options and facilities. A manufacturing family has three design options, usually: single width, double width and triple.

Are construction processes shorter than traditional buildings? According to design and manufacturer, some modular houses can be built within two weeks inside the factory. In addition, since the family is set in the factory, there will never be a delay in the weather. Once delivered to construction sites, most modular homes can be assembled within two months, often less.

An innovative housing manufacturer will have hundreds of designs and plans to choose from. These plans can be changed to customize your new home. Although the simplest modular residential buildings in the past are similar to those made in the household. "Mobile home" - new buildings and energy-efficient green buildings and designs, giving modules more design options and flexibility than before.

Will Banks finance modular housing? Can I save money by walking the module route? Short answer: yes. Ask your mortgage broker to explain how they can fund modular housing. Most Banks, family assessors and insurance companies deal with modular facilities in the same way that the house is built - the house is completely in your property. In some cases, especially if your home is certified, you can save some significant money by modularizing the route.