Prefab House Free Style you Want

Update:24 Nov 2017

Container-style you can freely set: We can control the […]

Container-style you can freely set: We can control the interior style of the house, but the layout of the room presupposed that only Prefab House is free to set. You can position the container as you like, build different forms and, of course, be within safety.

For the need to use prefab house to do for personal housing, villas, hotels and other customers purposes, the prefabricated housing style, decoration, etc. made more requirements, the need for more professional design, manufacture and decoration. This requirement is very difficult for a single manufacturer, and most manufacturers generally do not have a relevant pool of talent and require the assistance of relevant professionals in the design, manufacture and fitting out of a building that costs more to design, manufacture and decorate than regular prefabricated houses Much higher, the overall price is relatively higher. If we can get together and hire relevant personnel, several factories will share the labor costs so that these factories can take over such projects and design, manufacture and decorate more luxurious and prefabricated housing products for personal housing, villas, hotels and More exquisite luxury housing construction. This kind of prefabricated house has the advantage of being easy to move compared with the common commercial house. It can be moved to other places, it is suitable for short-term use of housing construction, long-term positioning for individual housing, villas, hotels and so on.

Prefab house is the most significant advantage of a high degree of plasticity, once the completion of commercial housing will not change, prefabricated housing is not the same, anytime, anywhere because of you and change.

If because of the small size of family residence, for the expansion of living area, the high level of economic requirements of privacy activities can choose the lower insulation board roof, plastic windows plus insulation wall maintenance products. This product is not the meaning of the sun room, but the low price, economical and practical.