Precautions for using container houses

Update:30 Mar 2018

First, the container activity room is fixed. Because th […]

First, the container activity room is fixed. Because the quality of the steel plate activity room is lighter than that of the steel activity room, it can easily be blown away or blown away in the event of strong winds.Therefore, at the time of construction, the bottom must have a solid fixture, especially in the coastal cities.

Second, it is forbidden to stack three floors in a container house.We often see three-storey mobile homes on the construction site. This is very dangerous.Because of the excessive pressure in the three-story mobile home, it is easy for the channel steel to bend, causing the container to be deformed. If it takes a long time, it may collapse and seriously endanger the lives of people in the container.

Third,we must pay attention to fire prevention.When buying, pay attention to the selection of rock wool board as the active room for insulation materials, instead of foam color steel plate, which is very easy to cause fire. Other precautions for fire prevention include: welding construction should be kept away from walls; winter heating equipment should be fire-fighting equipment; torch materials should not be used on housing materials; fire-resistant pipes should be used when laying lines.