Precautions for installation of steel components

Update:21 Jul 2017

   1, winter transport, stacking steel structure to tak […]

   1, winter transport, stacking steel structure to take anti-slip measures, component stacking site smooth solid puddles, no ice on the ground. When the same model member is stacked, the component should be level, the horn on the same vertical line, and prevent the components from slipping.
   2, steel structure on-site installation, in case of snow or wind speed above 6m / s, erection of shelters. The following are the same as the "
   3, before the installation of steel structure under the conditions of negative temperature requirements, the quality of its re-inspection, the production of missing and transport stacking deformation of the components, on the ground for repair and correction.
   4, the use of steel hoisting steel components should be added anti-skid septum, and components at the same time lifting the node board, the installation staff need to use the fixture and other materials with a rope tied firmly.
   5, according to the temperature conditions for the preparation of steel components installation sequence chart, construction in strict accordance with the provisions of the order to install.
   6, the preparation of steel installation welding process, a component at both ends shall not be welded at the same time.
   7, before cleaning the surface of the components to remove ice, snow, dew, but not damage the coating.
   8, high-strength bolts when the installation of friction parts of the component surface shall not have snow and ice, shall not touch the soil, oil and other stolen goods.
   9, negative temperature steel structure installation quality in addition to comply with the "steel structure construction and acceptance of norms" requirements, but also according to the design requirements for inspection and acceptance.