Performance of color steel movable room

Update:06 Jun 2017

1. Environmental economy. The utility model can be repe […]

1. Environmental economy. The utility model can be repeatedly disassembled and used repeatedly, thereby greatly saving the use cost. In addition, the disassembly and disassembly loss rate is low, and no construction waste is generated, and the material can be disassembled
2. Quick installation, easy disassembly. Good material production in the factory after transport to the site, each worker can be installed about 30 square meters, the construction period is short.
3. Convenient transportation. The weight is about 15kg/ square meters, long-distance transport.
4. Strong and reliable. The floor loading capacity of 150kg/ square meters, scientific and rational design to ensure the reliable structure.
5. High practical rate. The wall thickness is thinner, occupying less space, compared with other types of houses, it has higher practical rate.
6. Heat insulation. Wall and roof are made of color steel sandwich board, with better insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation function.
7. Service life. Light steel structures have been galvanized, painted and other anti-corrosion treatment, the normal service life of more than 10 years.
8. Highly personalized. According to customer requirements to produce all kinds of special-shaped houses and personalized design, such as housing in the door, window and front and rear wall panels can be arbitrarily interchangeable, indoor partitions can be placed in any horizontal axis position.
9., Wind、earthquake,、fire prevention: wind resistant 8, anti-seismic 7, fire 3.

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