New Technology in Steel Structure of Moving Room

Update:26 Jul 2017

   The steel structure has the advantages of light weig […]

   The steel structure has the advantages of light weight, beautiful shape, short construction period, strong adaptability and convenient maintenance, and its application is more and more extensive, such as light steel combination room, Nanjing activity room and elegant room are used in steel structure , Color steel plate Wai also used steel structure. The development of steel structure is closely related to steel production. Energy, transportation, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, construction and infrastructure construction and other fields of steel industry has become a pillar of national economic construction.
Throughout the current status and development trend of China's steel structure engineering, more and more modern architectural style and high technological content of the building features, its main features are:
   1. The building height is high, the structure span is large, and the seismic performance design of the active room is very high for the welding quality of the main steel structure. Such as: the connection between the frame beam and the column, the connection between the shear plate and the column, the connection between the web and the column and the spliced weld of the column are the main parts of the structure, Mouth penetration of a weld, 100% ultrasonic testing, the welding quality requirements are very high.
   2. The unique modeling, the structure of many systems, complex node structure, welded joints in the form of component production and on-site installation of the welding technology more and more difficult. For example: the National Stadium "Bird's Nest" steel structure project has a large number of complex truss columns, the main truss, sub-structure welded joints, weld criss-crossing, construction is very difficult.
   3. The use of steel varieties specifications, and more and more tend to use low-alloy high-strength structural steel and large thickness of steel, with the steel production process continues to improve, steel, composite steel plate has also been more and more applications The Therefore, the requirements of the site before the construction, for the use of steel delivery conditions, real-time for the new steel welding test, to explore the scientific welding process parameters, the development of the corresponding welding process measures.