Mounting Procedure and Attention Items of Prefab House Kits

Update:14 Aug 2017

Erect Conner posts-Hold four Conner posts erect on the […]

Erect Conner posts-Hold four Conner posts erect on the base structure at the same time. Screw and tighten M12 bolts Mounting panels -Notice due to factor of part; s structure, must follow mounting order.

Mounting both short side panels,hold panel keep 4 cm space from boards which on the corner post and then tighten self-topping screws.

For long side panel, please keep 14cm space to corner post There are 4 pcs of spacers for long side in the kit, you can mount it before you install the first panel of long side Refer to drawing 1 and assembly tips spacer from panel to corner post.

Mounting panels: 2 people hold the panel and sloped a bit, then put the bottom of panel and insert into the rain gutter.

Please stand the panel and put the connecting plate and turn the nut preliminary, this can prevent the panel fall down.

When mounting panel, please fix the threaded rods both right and left side. Tighten nut and connection plate.

For the light swith panel, please insert the electric wire through the conduit.

For panel with socket, please connect the cables between panel and roof by jacks.

Sometimes, the panel may is hard to stand under the top rail, because the top rail middle goes down during transportation or other unknow reason. You can use steel beam and a lever to support the top rail, then you can stand the panel in the right position.

Using the crow bar to adjust joints between panels, to be sure all panels joint well, also push the panels as close as possible to the top rail. Then tight the nut and plate.

When mounting PVC drain pipe, can bend it a little then insert it to Conner fitting.

Fixing for the trim—The order of trims fixing is From upper trim to bottom skirting board. For the top trim first is the door side and electrical box side, then both long sides.

Fixing PVC made skirting board. Please screw the skirting with panel bottom, then put the smaller trip to cover the screws.

Put the sillica gel between the gaps of the Conner posts、 top structure and based structure.

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