Mobile room should pay attention to maintenance

Update:03 Aug 2017

   In determining the need to install the activities of […]

   In determining the need to install the activities of the board room, first of all you must ask the manufacturer's professional, it is best to do the construction of the building to see the site. Fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological conditions, understand the surrounding environment, and understand the climate in the land. Such as annual rainfall, whether there will be strong winds, whether there are mudslides and so on. Don't change your structure after moving room in Nanjing, even if you think it should be changed to other models.
   Remove any prohibited bolts and other small components, even if you think it is too small will not affect the overall situation, because sometimes is likely because of a small negligence will cause the failure of the whole, activity room in the installation complete, users are not allowed to change the structure, not remove any bolt component, shall not increase or decrease the partition such as the need to change, should agree with my factory consultation before the change. The movable room is a steel structure product, and the component belongs to the whole connection, and the user does not know the lighting equipment, the electric wire can not be directly bound on the steel structure and the wall, and the isolation facilities such as the line pipe, the line groove, etc., should be erected so as to avoid electric shock.
   Non professionals do not modify the structure of the building or the circuit design, can not tear down housing structure screws or steel parts, but can not remove the color steel sandwich panel partitions or additional partitions, met strongly to increase or decrease the partition, we should inform the arrangements for the professional solution for you. Some houses even can be combined with the space station, because the convenience and simplicity of the activities of the board is to combine with a variety of elements, it also highlights the activities of the board in the real life and the unique value.