Little knowledge about color steel room

Update:15 Jun 2017

1, after the transfer of users, the user is best not to […]

1, after the transfer of users, the user is best not to change the structure and demolition any, if you want to change, should be approved by the technical approval of the professionals before.
2, color steel room with light steel material the whole building connection, the user installs the lighting equipment, should install in the insulated wire tube or the trunking, can not be strained directly on the component in order to avoid electric shock. The following are the same as the "
Color steel room components
Ordinary type: 1, roof tile: 830 color steel plate compression glass tile, red, yellow, green, blue and other colors to choose from. 2, wall panels: fire, water, heat, by the expansion of polystyrene hit with a special technology. 3, doors, windows: ① door: made of ordinary wooden plywood, with a lock; ② sliding window: a common light aluminum alloy window and plastic window to choose from two. 4, floor board: with 1530 × 40 mm made of solid magnesium plate. 5, the corner column, the column: playing with light steel components. 6, roof trunks, purlins, beams: with 40 angle and 50 channel welded together.
Color steel room varieties:
a simple type, ordinary type, but also according to customer requirements, design different styles and types of color steel room. (Different types of activities room, the cost is different).
Color Steel Room Features:
1, light and efficient: the activities of the weight per square meter 80 kg, bearing 160 kg, the installation of only 8-9 hours per square meter. 2, with anti-typhoon, shock, corrosion, fire, moisture, heat insulation, noise and other advantages. 3, wall and floor suitable for wallpaper, cloth, tiles, paint and other decoration. 4, handsome in appearance, can be many times turnover, economic and practical.
Color steel room Scope:
Can be used for dormitories, canteens, industrial plants, duty points, stores, activities public toilets, hospitals, schools, residential apartments, headquarters, roof plus layers or buildings within the partition board, luxury villas, office buildings, disaster relief housing Temporary activity room.log on to our official website for more :