Light steel villas and brick structure villas advantages and disadvantages

Update:29 Jan 2018

Light Steel Villa as a new type of building materials, […]

Light Steel Villa as a new type of building materials, it has become the main villa building materials. Among them, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan are more used. In 1993, only 1% of new buildings in the United States were made of steel. With the development of China's economy, the housing industry urgently needs to standardize, industrialize and intensify its production so as to improve labor productivity and product quality.

As a whole, the light steel villa is very light, which is about one quarter to one sixth of that of the traditional concrete houses in the country, and can resist the earthquakes of about 8 levels and the typhoon of level 13, and the standardized workmanship makes it very capable Finished within a short period of time, the service life can be maintained for almost 50 years. It is filled with fiberglass between the wall columns of the wall. A layer of thermal insulation material is attached on the outside of the wall to effectively cut off the heat Bridge, but also have a better insulation effect, its disadvantage is that the relevant supporting materials production technology backward, you need to purchase from abroad, and the cost of the cost is relatively high.

Cement is the earliest used as a villa building materials, that is, the use of concrete and bricks to build houses, such a villa due to the relatively thick walls, and brick has a good thermal insulation, so it can play well Of the insulation, noise performance, in terms of cost relative to other building materials is relatively low, but its weakness is more obvious, the defense of the earthquake is lower, a bit larger earthquake will destroy all, then the duration A long time, short service life; and light steel villa as a rising star, it is the use of integrated framework of the steel structure, coupled with a variety of steel, beam steel and other combinations.

Light Steel Villa is safe and stable, earthquake-resistant and fire-proof, can withstand strong winds, excellent thermal insulation performance, at the same time, the material can be recycled, green, short construction cycle, handsome in appearance and diverse, has now been recognized by the public, The development of housing is of great significance to building a conservation-friendly society and promoting the modernization of housing industry.