Light steel villa and color steel room is the same?

Update:08 Aug 2017

   Light steel villa, also known as light steel structu […]

   Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure housing, the main material is hot-dip galvanized steel by cold-rolled steel composite steel synthesis, after accurate calculation with the support and combination of accessories, play a reasonable Bearing capacity to replace traditional houses. Thin-walled light steel thin-walled light steel villa interior decoration and traditional building decoration the same way:
   Light steel villa cost: the impact of light steel villa cost factors are many, such as structure, span, shape, materials, built-in effect, the degree of completion, the construction environment and so on. The final price is based on the final design drawings out of the detailed price list.
   1, the ground can be free paved tiles, wood flooring and so on.
   2, the wall and the ceiling can be free pavement paint, wallpaper and so on. And color steel houses are completely different houses:
   Use of different: thin-walled light steel housing construction technology for the construction of permanent villas, clubs and other buildings, color steel housing is mainly used for the construction of temporary buildings, such as temporary living shed, storage of living room, etc., not suitable Construction of human long-term residence and activities of the permanent building.
Performance characteristics: thin-walled light steel housing technical characteristics such as shock, wind resistance, thermal insulation properties, durability, residential comfort, waterproof and moisture-proof performance are color steel houses unparalleled, color steel housing earthquake can be low , Poor wind resistance, thermal insulation effect is poor, easy to leak, poor durability (short life, as many as ten years).
   Different construction and materials: thin-walled light steel houses and green sandy steel house roof, wall structure is completely different, thin-walled light steel houses used by the material is excellent quality, high durability of professional residential construction materials, and color steel Housing applications are generally color steel sandwich composite sheet, the quality and overall performance vary widely.