Light steel villa advantages

Update:07 Aug 2017

   Instead of the traditional building materials, to ac […]

   Instead of the traditional building materials, to achieve the industrialization of the housing industry, improve the living environment of human society. Ultra-light steel structure residential not only can replace the traditional residential structure model, and the full use of industrial production of building materials, steel and wood to steel brick, steel and concrete to the green energy-saving residential, is the 21st century to improve human society The best products of the environment. The development of light steel structures in China is feasible. Chinese residents of light steel structure housing is still relatively unfamiliar, that is not reliable. But this technology in Europe and the United States are very mature and popular. Generally 250 ~ 300 square meters. Made in a simple decoration, including kitchenware and bathrobes. Light steel villa cost in China is generally about 2,500 yuan per square meter, including labor and transportation costs. Some also include some kitchenware and bathrobes. A 200 square meters of villas, usually two months to build a direct stay.
   Light steel villa in addition to the earthquake level 8, the strength of wind 13, there are some features that traditional buildings can not match:
1. More than 40% more than the traditional rate;
2. Environmental protection and energy saving, no construction waste;
3. Thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, extruded board and glass fiber cotton layer 2 measures;
4. Use single-sided breath paper to protect moisture.
5. The most unique feature of the user is personalized custom, according to their own preferences to design their own appearance, layout and room type.

   And for the construction unit, in addition to saving time and effort, there are many advantages and convenience:
1. Construction of accurate size, the wall, the ground level, do not need two leveling, as long as the structure can be completed at any time after the wiring;
2. Each type of work can be crossed;
3. No beam without column, the perfect room planning, decoration modular process, greatly simplifying the decoration process, reducing material consumption and labor costs. Light steel structure housing energy conservation, clean and environmentally friendly, does not produce harmful substances, does not destroy the forest resources, so its lower overall cost, which is easy to see the unit price is misunderstanding.
   Therefore, the concept of change, universal knowledge, and vigorously promote the use of light steel structure housing, industry and social aspects of long way to go.