Light steel structure and heavy steel structure of the difference

Update:14 Aug 2017

      Steel structure with light steel structure and he […]

      Steel structure with light steel structure and heavy steel structure of the points, with the extensive use of steel structure, people understand the steel structure is also more in-depth, but for the light steel structure and the scope of the steel structure and the distinction is still not very clear , And even a lot of experienced designers or project managers are often unable to fully understand, although the heavy steel structure and light steel structure in the industry and there is no uniform standard, and now many buildings are light, heavy steel have, but we Can be based on some data to consider and to judge.
    1, crane lifting weight: heavy steel structure ≥ 25 tons of light steel structure.
    2, the amount of steel per square meter: heavy steel structure ≥ 50KG / M2 <light steel structure.
    3, the thickness of steel components: heavy steel structure ≥ 10MM <light steel structure.
    4, special application areas: petrochemical plant facilities, power plant plant, large span of sports venues, exhibition center, high-rise or high-rise steel structure must be heavy steel structure. Light roof, light exterior wall, light finger cover and other general plant is usually light steel structure.
    5, the previous data reference: the cost per square meter of steel structure> light steel structure, the largest component weight heavy steel structure to be a lot of the largest span, structure, eaves high is the difference between light and heavy steel structure of the important data.
   In fact, the light steel and heavy steel in the structure itself is not the severity of the structure, but rather the two are subject to the severity of the envelope material, they are in the structural design concept is consistent, and no difference.