Light Steel Silla's Specific Structure And Advantages

Update:08 Nov 2017

Light Steel Villa floor light steel villa floor with co […]

Light Steel Villa floor light steel villa floor with cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beams, OSB floor structure, brackets, accessories and so on. Materials for oriented strand board, cement fiber board and plywood. These lightweight floor loads can withstand 316 to 316 kilograms per square meter load.

Light steel villa roofing system Light steel villa roofing system consists of roof trusses, OSB panel structure, waterproof light house. Light steel roof, the appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are a variety of materials. In the protection of this waterproof technology under the premise, there are many choices on the appearance.

Light steel villa wall structure Light steel villa wall system mainly consists of the frame column wall beams, wall beams and the bottom of the wall, wall support, wall panels and accessories.

Light steel villa is generally filled with fiberglass between the wall columns and external walls, and then put a layer of insulation on the outside of the wall, effectively cut off the heat bridge, through the wall column to the cladding; fill the floor joist between the glass fiber to minimize Heat transfer through the floor; all interior pillars are filled between the glass fibers to reduce heat transfer between domestic walls.

Building fire prevention technology One of the most crucial issues for light steel villas is the application of fire wall technology. Light steel villa fire rating is 4 levels. Fire gypsum board walls and floor ceilings on both sides of the light steel house are protected by a 25.4 mm gypsum board wall for normal fire and gypsum board walls and are filled between the walls of the floor and the floor for one hour fire protection Fiberglass for active protection against fire and heat transfer.

Building insulation technology Light steel villa in the outer wall and floor joists filled with glass wool, effectively prevent the audio part of the air through the spread, and through the solid impact of the spread of the two pylons wall construction process wireless.