Light steel keel house

Update:22 Jul 2017

   Light steel keel house is a new type of new building […]

   Light steel keel house is a new type of new building materials, with the rapid development of social infrastructure, light steel keel houses are widely used in resorts, country houses, luxury prefabricated villas, the top floor of the building and other areas. What are the characteristics of the light steel keel house produced by Foshan De Su Man?
   1, light steel house is very safe, structural design strength standards: earthquake 9 degrees can not fall, can prevent typhoon 12, the roof load snow 1.5 meters This is because light steel keel light, strong, is the quality of building materials, and has Very good ductility and toughness.
   2, light steel housing is very comfortable: the use of materials for the insulation of the new materials, also has a good sound insulation Some light steel houses also has a moisture-proof function, the southerners know that the summer wall will be out Khan, light steel houses through the use of a unique moisture treatment technology to avoid the above situation, so that the house is very smooth moisture to keep the house dry.
   3, light steel housing 90% of the material can be recycled. Wood will change over time with insects or become dead wood, concrete will be repeated because of construction and become construction waste, but the light steel housing materials such as steel, environmentally friendly materials can be recycled, very environmentally friendly, and very economical.
   4, light steel housing load-bearing structure span, you can freely layout housing structure, design variability, convenient and flexible; wall area is small, there are more indoor area can be used.