Light steel buildings are strongly supported by China

Update:08 Jun 2017

Steel villa with timber prices rose steadily, the marke […]

Steel villa with timber prices rose steadily, the market development of light steel structure is the rate of rapid growth in more than 30% growth, and gradually widely accepted by the market. At the same time, our neighbors Japan and South Korea, and Australia also widely used. It has the mobility. Some types of houses, there are wheels, can always come and go mobile, so you can move in the range direction, relatively broad, even moving, housing traction and self moving, can also follow the move, because all types of housing are not fixed. Light steel villa can be said to have a stable structure, low cost, short construction period, strong earthquake; time saving, safety and environmental protection, the cost will be saved. Portable, accurate, convenient and rapid molding, convenient for industrial production, transportation, construction and installation are convenient, can use a lot of non exclusive Industry staff, short duration, low cost. Light steel structure of the technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization, light steel villa in North America for nearly a hundred years of building technology and building materials industry development crystallization.
With the growing Chinese light steel villa, steel structure technology matures, the steel structure products into the various fields. Now the new rural light steel villa are gradually being people's acceptance and affirmation, and accelerate the emergence of light steel structure housing. We as a representative of the innovative enterprises, in addition to providing housing apartment layout private customized service for customers, but also according to the needs of the domestic market, launched a fashion, elegant and economical as well as a variety of standardized products. Our company introduced the most advanced intelligent automatic production line technology and complete light steel villa, ultra light steel structure to the optimal solution, the lowest cost and highest efficiency to meet customer demand. It can be a variety of style diversity. You can have a special retro, minimalist style, movies, TV dramas often appear on the European and American countries are a lot of scenes of life, light steel The structure of villa atmosphere, love only in the industry especially in the characteristics of love, light steel villa living up the flavor. Light steel villa has multiple advantages, decided it will become an important choice of modern residential building housing facilities. China's steel production in the world, low steel prices however, the steel structure building is our application proportion is far lower than the level of developed countries, our company each built a light steel villa are strong reaction and attention of the society, and the strong support of government departments.