Is Light Steel Villa Strong Enough for Daily Life

Update:18 Dec 2017

Steel is no stranger to us, in every corner of life, as […]

Steel is no stranger to us, in every corner of life, as long as you pay attention, there will be the emergence of steel construction, the following details for you to introduce the light steel villa will be the future of the mainstream villa.

Rugged housing or not mainly in the life of the house, when faced with natural disasters, safety performance, and so on, rather than hand pinch, the intuitive experience with the feet. Traditional brick and cement houses are masonry structures and rigid connections that can not resist instantaneous forces such as earthquakes and typhoons. A huge external tearing will cause the structure to collapse and cause secondary damage to life and property.

Light Steel Villa main structure is high strength, high galvanized keel structure system, are high galvanized bolted to form the overall flexible structure, in the event of natural disasters (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoon, etc.), the moment can be unloaded , Releasing the shearing or deformation stress caused by huge external force on the house to ensure the overall safety of the house. Even if a bigger earthquake, the typhoon causes the house to collapse and deform, it will also form a flexible supporting space to protect the safety of life and property. Plate composite structure is not only good overall wall, but also to avoid the collapse of the masonry structure on the human body caused by secondary damage.