How to Protect Your light Steel Villa

Update:08 Jan 2018

Traditional building materials, construction programs h […]

Traditional building materials, construction programs have begun to fall behind. A kind of light steel structure villa to improve the living environment of human society and realize the industrialization of housing industry to replace the traditional housing. Light steel structure villa not only to replace the traditional residential structure model, but also the full use of industrial production of building materials to steel on behalf of wood, steel brick, steel concrete instead of environmentally friendly energy-saving homes. Light steel villas to improve the living environment of human society, the best product.

Construction of light steel villa said to the construction unit, in addition to saving time and labor construction, there are many advantages and conveniences. Construction of light steel structure villas do not need secondary leveling, as long as the structure can be completed at any time through the tube. No beam without column, increase the available space, greatly simplifying the renovation process, while materials, labor costs can save a lot. Production and construction of light villa has four main structures: light steel frame structure, wall structure, floor structure and roof structure. The structure of the steel frame is characterized by high strength, good seismic performance and simple and quick assembly and construction.

With the continuous development of light steel structure light steel villas also began to rise across the country, many people choose to build their own villa, light steel villa has become their best choice, but the villa after the completion of the maintenance is also relevant important. Here to introduce the maintenance of light steel structure villa.

After completion of the villa owners can not make changes to the structure of the autonomy, because the light steel villa components are linked as a whole, which is different from ordinary concrete construction, but can not remove any one bolt member, because it will destroy the house The overall stability can not be unauthorized to add or remove the wall, if you have to change it should find a professional construction staff to make changes It is precisely because the structural components of the light steel structure villa is the overall link, the user set the electricity lines, It is not possible to wind the wire around the steel structure, it should be set up line pipe or line isolation groove set to avoid circuit short circuit.

Another light steel structure villa maintenance methods also include the maintenance of special paint for light steel villas, roof asphalt shingles according to the actual situation of the implementation of the 5-year replacement. These basic maintenance can increase the life of our light steel villa.