How to identify the quality of integrated housing is good or bad

Update:11 Jul 2017

    Integrated housing as a temporary housing easy disa […]

    Integrated housing as a temporary housing easy disassembly, durable, recyclable, in many areas have a wide range of applications. All along, the integration of housing to people's lives has brought great convenience. However, there are many examples of integrated housing companies, uneven products, poor integration of housing caused by unsafe accidents are common. In this, the Royal Jiangnan company for everyone to sum up the identification of integrated housing quality method. Only by mastering these methods, to buy a quality of qualified integrated housing, in order to allow integrated housing to better serve life.
   First point: look at the appearance
The color of the integrated housing to the overall coordination, high-quality integrated color of the color plate, uniform and smooth texture. In addition, but also in the factory to seriously check the integrated housing installation components, is not qualified, welding is solid.
    Second point: look at fire performance
To buy an integrated house before, be sure to check how the fire performance, the house is not all the wires are hidden on the fire in the pipeline. Check the color steel sandwich panels inside and outside the two layers of metal is damaged, do not reveal the middle of the insulation layer.
    The third point: to see whether waterproof and windproof
Integrated housing roof, doors and windows, walls, the ground shall not be leaking phenomenon. Roof panels and supporting components to have a reliable connection, or if you encounter strong winds and other inclement weather, integrated housing roof is easy to damage.
   The fourth point: look at the light
Integrated housing wall panels, doors, windows and components after assembly can not appear visible light gap, if the light leak, indicating that the integrated housing insulation performance is not very good, there is a gap will inevitably leak.
    Fifth point: see details
Integrated doors and windows of the doors and windows are flexible, whether the lock is strong. Corridor, stairs guardrail should be smooth without burrs. Integrated housing floor should also be flat and solid, people go up, should not have the feeling of shaking, connectors should be waterproof sealing measures.
   Understand these points, to ensure that you can buy quality integrated housing, away from poor integrated housing, away from unsafe accidents.