How to choose the living room color board and primer?

Update:16 Jun 2017

In the active room market, the most commonly used activ […]

In the active room market, the most commonly used activities of the room paint, polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastic sol, silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene chloride.
1, the polyester: good adhesion, in the formability and outdoor durability of a wide range of chemical resistance on the middle side.
2, PVC plastic sol: excellent external durability and anti-chemical, anti-damage, beautiful, must be supporting special primer.
3, the silicon modified polyester: coating hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance is better, and good outdoor durability and non-powder, gloss retention and flexibility is limited, the cost of high.
4, polyvinylidene chloride: has good shape and color retention, excellent outdoor durability and anti-chalking, solvent resistance, color is limited, the price is more expensive.
Active room on the market the most commonly used primer, epoxy primer, polyurethane primer, water-soluble acrylic primer and polyester primer four, according to the use of primer products, the use of occasions,Processing, and topcoat to select the primer.
First, the epoxy primer: good adhesion with the substrate, water, alkali, chemical resistance is good, is the earliest membrane with primer, flexible performance as other primer is good.
Second, the water-soluble acrylic primer: better adhesion with the substrate, excellent flexibility, organic solvent content at the end of low-temperature curing, should not be stored in a humid environment, the color plate activity room pretreatment requirements particularly high.
Third, the polyester primer: good adhesion with the substrate, excellent flexibility, more sensitive to the wet environment, chemical resistance than epoxy primer.log on to our official website for more :