How to choose rock wool color plate

Update:05 Aug 2017

    Color plate, sandwich panels, rock wool board and o […]

    Color plate, sandwich panels, rock wool board and other building materials widely used in major industries, then, how do we choose high-quality color plate it? Here for the simple sharing of experience for everyone.
    Here, we first look at the main components of rock wool color steel structure, rock wool color plate is the main structure of color steel plate, bear the greatest strength support, so the main structural materials can not be ignored, in general, rock wool color plate The main structure should choose the color plate as the main body of the load-bearing material, small and medium-sized color plate activity room, the basic surrounding column is necessary, coupled with the top supporting color steel or tempered glass beams, stringers, combined into a structure , Such a rock wool color plate material, it is very strong, safe.
    Color plate: is the manufacturer in the continuous production line into the volume production, therefore, called the color coated steel coil.
Color plate: its coating is cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized steel, the surface of the chemical treatment after coating (roll) or composite organic film (PVC film, etc.), and then baked and made of goods.