How to choose movable room, color board and priming paint?

Update:27 Jul 2017

   The most commonly used movable housing finishes on t […]

   The most commonly used movable housing finishes on the market are polyester, polyvinyl chloride, silicone, modified polyester, and polyvinylidene chloride.
   1、Polyester: good adhesion, wide range of molding and outdoor durability, chemical resistance, medium to high.
   2、 PVC plastic sol: excellent external durability and chemical resistance, anti damage, beautiful, must be matched with special primers.
   3 、Silicone modified polyester: coating hardness, abrasion resistance and heat resistance is better, and good outdoor durability and non powdering, gloss, retention and flexibility is limited, the cost to high.
   4 、 Polyvinylidene chloride: with better molding and color retention, excellent outdoor durability and anti powdering, solvent resistance, limited color, high price.
   The most commonly used primers in the market are epoxy primer, polyurethane primer, water-soluble acrylic primer and polyester primer four, according to the product primer, use occasions,
   The degree of finish, and the matching of finish paint to choose primer. The film thickness of the primer is usually 5um,
   First, epoxy primer: and substrate adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance is good, is the earliest coil primer, flexibility is better than other primers.
   Second, water-soluble acrylic primer: and substrate adhesion, flexibility, organic solvent content at the bottom, low temperature curing, should not be stored in a humid environment, the color steel plate moving room pretreatment requirements are very high.
   Third、 polyester primer: good adhesion and flexibility of substrate, sensitive to damp environment, chemical resistance is better than epoxy primer.