How to choose color steel tile

Update:17 Jul 2017

   With the increasing demand for color steel tiles in […]

   With the increasing demand for color steel tiles in all walks of life, Caucasian tile manufacturers are also all over the country, which also resulted in uneven quality, and how to choose a good quality steel tile has become a plant construction Compulsory lesson.
   Identification of quality methods to identify color steel tile are:
   First of all, for the plant construction, color steel tile thickness is generally recommended to 0.5mm thickness above. You can use the vernier caliper to measure whether the thickness of the color plate reaches the contracted thickness value. Can be measured in a square area of 10 points, take the average.
   Next, the surface of the paint coating after acid washing with a hue or washing method to test the quality of galvanized layer. Generally, if it is pure galvanized hue measurement is relatively simple and convenient. But for some manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost of color steel plate, and mixed with other low-cost metal components to the coating, so that the hue can not be accurately determined, use washing and hue with anti-corrosion determination.
   Afterwards, observe whether the plate surface has obvious pores, bubbles, heap and wrinkling. Whether the surface pitting, impurities, scratches, dirty and uneven coating. Whether there is a serious leakage coating, coating off, color mixing, adhesion. Do not allow the coating due to excessive baking crisp yellow, loss of light and so on. Does not allow the existence of significant color or uneven gloss and so on. Look at the color of the steel tile on the surface of the paint layer is damaged.
   Second, the measurement of color steel tile before and after the two width is consistent, effective area, corrugated height, etc. to meet the standard. Measure whether the diagonal length of the color steel tile is the same. Color steel tile into the ground can naturally stretch. Color steel tile thickness can meet the standard. The use of hot-dip galvanized steel, the surface electrostatic paint spraying process, smooth, no texture pattern, high hardness, strong strength, easy to scratch. How can a multi-color steel tile be fully interlocked and that the two color steel tiles are interlocked and the sealing degree is intact. Color steel tile strength is able to compress the standard.
   The thickness of the coating or coating of the product, the thickness of the substrate, and the quality of the quality of the steel plate are often used to reduce the thickness of the steel substrate. Observe the color plate exposed steel, such as cross-section, whether the crystal fine, whether gray, dark and impurities.
  Conditional words should also do UV resistance to yellowing test, in accordance with national standards GB / T 1865 for yellowing test, testing color steel tile paint resistance requirements.
Finally, do not think the lower the price the better. Generally speaking, the price is less than 18 yuan per square, the basic can determine the galvanized layer is very thin, usually only 20 grams or even mixed with other cheap metal coating, a considerable number of color steel tile forced market competition pressure, Cut corners, try every means to reduce costs, completely regardless of after-sales service life, there is no good after-sales service. This board is generally used in about 3 years will be rusty water leakage, must be repaired or even replace the roof tile, consuming a lot of time and energy and energy owners.