How to Choose Between Wood Frame House and Steel Frame House

Update:17 Nov 2017

Wood is tough and will play a great game this round. Th […]

Wood is tough and will play a great game this round. The problem is that it is susceptible to pests such as termites and other burrowing insects. Wood absorbs moisture and expands and contracts as the wood absorbs moisture and dries. Eventually, gypsum board and other attached coverings may crack and warp with the wood.

In addition, wood can not withstand the effects of severe earthquakes or other major climate events. Burning a long-term home, barn or commercial building requires only a little bit of fluid and matches to light.

We mentioned the consistency of the product and the wood? Different types of wood and timber from different regions can differ significantly in quality and consistency. Not to mention the need to exclude or classify each batch of wood.

At the end of construction, the wood usually leaves behind a pile of waste material and waste. Compared with steel, about 20% of the waste is 20%.

On the other hand, the steel frame is free from pests and is resistant to fire. Their only weakness is condensation and moisture penetration, which is mitigated by the use of high quality coatings, insulation and moisture barrier. They can withstand incredibly strong winds, which is why metal schools, churches and municipal buildings are often used as evacuation centers that are vulnerable to hurricanes or tornadoes.

They can even afford their fair share of seismic activity and claim three-story or higher buildings on the West Coast and other earthquake-prone areas. Another advantage of steel is that the members are screwed together more firmly than with a nail.

Traditional wood-based buildings require a new layer of paint at least every four to seven years and are regularly refinished. The average roof lasts about 15 years. Timber also has a tendency to crack, distort, divide, mold and decay.

Steel structures with metal building components usually have 40 to 50 years of paneling and roofing. No splitting, warping, forming, mildew or cracking, so lifetime maintenance and repair costs for steel frame construction are minimal.

Steel Frame House of light weight, weight is not heavy. Fewer cracks, less maintenance. Because steel is so durable, fire resistant and other disruptive actions, builders and owners can get substantial risk insurance discounts.