Fire protection measures of color steel plate

Update:19 Jun 2017

The current color plate used in the core of the core ar […]

The current color plate used in the core of the core are phenolic foam, polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, rigid polyurethane, trimer and rock wool, etc., and phenolic foam has excellent fire insulation properties, other materials can not be replaced, For example: phenolic foam insulation effect is more than 2 times the polystyrene, fire performance is also higher than the polyurethane, polyurethane combustion will release the hydrogen cyanide-rich smoke.
Can fire from six aspects:
First, the use of good fire performance rock wool as a core material, which is a permanent solution.
Second, in the construction process, the core material to stay away from welding, gas welding and other fire operations;
Third, in the use of the process, some heat source, the fire source should not be next to the steel plate, to maintain a certain distance. If you want to set the kitchen in the color steel room, you need to have insulation layer, the wall should be installed fire rockwool insulation layer;
Fourth, the wire, the cable is best not to pass through the core material, if you need to pass through the protective casing, socket, switch box should be used metal galvanized box and the use of mounted method;
Fifth, indoor and outdoor equipped with simple fire fighting equipment, conditional installation of fire alarm should be convenient to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel;
Sixth, color steel room between at least 6 meters to maintain a safe distance. Insulating materials that are not strictly flame-retardant are not flammable but are self-igniting. Strict, scientific and effective management, so that the fire away from the flammable color steel plate sandwich filler material, is to prevent color steel room fire is one of the important ways.log on to our official website for more details :