Features and Advantages of Light Steel Villa

Update:01 Sep 2017

What are the features and advantages of Light Steel Vil […]

What are the features and advantages of Light Steel Villa ? The wall of light steel villa is mainly composed of wall column, wall top beam, wall support, wall support, wall panel and fittings. Light steel villa will cross wall inside as a general structure of the main wall, wall column for C shape light steel structures, according to the wall thickness of load, usually is 0.84 ~ 2 mm, wall column spacing generally is 400 ~ 600 mm, light steel villa this wall structure arrangement, can be effective and reliable delivery under vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient.

The floor of the light steel villa is composed of cold curved thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, OSB structural plate of floor, supporting, fitting, etc. The materials used are directed particleboard, cement fiberboard, and plywood. Each square metre of these light floors can withstand loads of 316 to 365 kilograms. Light steel villa floor structure weight was only about a quarter of the domestic traditional concrete floor system by one 6, but the structure of the floor height will be higher than ordinary concrete plate 100 ~ 120 mm.

Light steel villa to ensure the thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation material used in the exterior wall and roof of the building can be used for a long time and heat insulation. The light steel villas generally fill the glass fiber outside the wall column, and then attach a layer of insulation material on the outside of the wall, effectively isolating the hot bridge from the wall to the outer wall. The floor is filled with glass fiber to reduce the heat transfer through the floor. All the walls of the inner wall are filled with fiberglass to reduce heat transfer between the walls.

Light steel villa roof system is composed of roof frame, structural OSB panel, waterproof layer and light roof tile. Light steel structure of roof, appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are many kinds of materials. With the protection of this technology, the appearance has many options.