Environmental Light Steel Frame House

Update:22 Nov 2017

Housing is a new idea in the house, it is green, time-s […]

Housing is a new idea in the house, it is green, time-saving and very flexible, as opposed to the traditional housing can provide more choices for home, individual, family, and even get a community made of a container The steel box can be full of stylish atmosphere, the environment is very friendly. Container trailers are a new concept of light construction, light steel framing, sandwich paneling, soil retaining material, a series of modular space modules, bolted components, and green building economics. Can be easily disassembled, the implementation of a general standardization of temporary buildings, the establishment of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient architectural concept, the temporary housing into the serialization of development, integrated production, supply supporting changes, but inventory and finalized the design of the product reuse .

At the same time, between prefabricated houses and container houses, modular production technology is mainly adopted to modularize containers as standard parts. When assembled on site, when it needs to be used, the installation and disassembly rate can be accelerated, and the transportation cost can also be reduced.

Assembled double-slope roof color room is the new concept of the greenest color sheds, according to the different needs of users and venues, in the flexible combination of standard modules, long, wide, light steel skeleton form a complete system, the sandwich to achieve lightweight , Beautiful, fast construction, wind, seismic, standard composite temporary buildings; layout flexibility, doors and windows can be set in any location, indoor partitions can be set in any horizontal axis. Stairs are set outdoors. Waterproof structure, waterproof housing design, do not need waterproofing.

There are many advantages to disassembling a Light Steel Villa which is widely used due to its advantages. Installation and removal simple and convenient, the installation process requires a simple tool. The average per person per day can be installed 20-30 square meters, six people in just two days to complete the building 3k × 4k standard color housing; common standardization, enabling industrial production; inventory can be used repeatedly, the loss rate is low.