Economical And Practical Container Homes

Update:10 Nov 2017

With the increase of second-hand containers, waste cont […]

With the increase of second-hand containers, waste container handling problems have also become a big problem. Container to transform the housing to a certain extent, ease the problem of over-container problem. Container Homes is a new concept of environmentally friendly housing economy, convenient and efficient, efficient assembly, a wide range of applications, low-carbon environment, has received a lot of attention. Because it is a new type of building, and the main body of the building is also a carrier for transporting goods, the quality of Container Homes has also received a lot of attention.

Housing is the most important thing is to bring security, comfort and warmth, economical and practical is the chase of housing. Mobile Container Homes as a new building system to meet the economical and practical and comfortable living is very valuable, more importantly, it can be free from terrain, climate and other factors, the construction of a variety of ways, without cumbersome manufacturing processes, which It is also why it is growing market demand.

One of the main features of Container Homes is mobility. This is the most suitable for the construction workers, where the construction site, where to move the container room. Nowadays, the Container Homes are mostly bought by the construction site builders to solve the workers' rest problems. In fact, the container room has long been nothing new, site for living containers are simple structure. Personalized container construction in foreign countries are everywhere, the appearance of new, more complete internal facilities, energy saving, can be used for housing, shops, cafes, bars, office buildings and other facilities. Container activity room, also known as container room, Container Homes, Container Homes, refers to the main container-based materials slightly modified to become a window with a house.

Container activities according to the composition of the structure can be divided into three categories. The first type of container container converted from a traditional container box is a reuse of discarded container containers and is characterized by being very strong and capable of withstanding a great deal of pressure. The second type of newly-welded mobile room is a popular container for living people in recent years. Due to its close proximity to the first type of container, it is also called as container moveable room. The technical standard of such container room is lower than that of container containers and is characterized by Transport, installation, easy to move, and lower cost, more than ten years of life expectancy, higher return on investment, the use of a wider range. The third type of container mobile room between the mobile board room and container room, it is mainly modular production technology, a container modular into standard components, to the need to use when the site assembly, you can speed up the installation and removal speed , But also can reduce shipping costs.

1, the overall crane series of Container Homes using light steel structure system, the wall covered with composite EPS insulation wall panels. All panels and accessories are collapsible and easy to install, making it ideal for mass transportation and export shipping in the long haul.

2, roof, floor, circuit system factory-wide prefabricated, the site installation easy, fast, shorten the time from the construction of the house to use the time interval.

3, on-site production of a small base, shipped to the scene can be used.

4, the housing can be recycled, the sustainable use of 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any construction waste.

5, the roof waterproof structure design, enhance the airtight, watertight.

The concept of Container Homes is good, how to make the right use is also need to slowly explore and discover. After all the houses will not be all cement reinforced construction, Container Homes will bring a wave of traditional buildings a huge impact.