Difficulty in Construction of Steel Structure

Update:15 Aug 2017

   Steel structure sandwich site is often a small space […]

   Steel structure sandwich site is often a small space, the main beam is difficult to enter, even after the break in the outside into the connection, the mechanical easy to use, hand-carried stitching in the hoisting.
   1, take root
  One of the keys to the safety of the sandwich, the so-called root is the new sandwich roof load through the main beam to the root, from the root spread to the original structure, like a tree, like a strong root tree can not stand.
   In the actual construction of the first to detect the hardness of the media. thickness. Reinforcement, etc., when the hole as far as possible not to interrupt the main reinforcement, in strict accordance with the requirements of the depth of the process, the diameter of the hole, according to the roof load configuration anchor. In the anchor before the implant must be cleaned before the hole, otherwise it will seriously affect the anchorage strength, the speed can not be too fast when the implantation of drugs will cause incomplete, too slow will cause running drugs, will reduce the pull force, after implantation According to the temperature waiting time before construction.
   The thickness of the anchor plate and the area (the thickness of the anchor plate than the high-strength bolts anchor plate to increase some, in order to make up the success rate of the value of the ball is low, according to the total beam of the total beam The reason for welding the pallet or connecting plate to weld.
   Installation of the bolt to pull the experiment, for the small force of the soil can be carried out soil experiments, all the anchor plate to consider the probe when the situation, can play less, but not less than the design load. If there is a gap between the anchor plate and the concrete beam or concrete column can be filling or grouting material treatment, all anchor can be loaded before the main beam.
   2, the main beam
   The main beam in the sandwich project is the key to safety, if a tree foundation no matter how good the trunk can not bear the external force is in vain, the choice of the main beam and the roof of the bearing, span is a direct relationship, if the span can be selected Steel, or H-beam, steel beam selected to be polished rust, cutting, primer and other treatment, to the site after the measurement of both ends of the anchor in the fine cut, sandwich works and other steel works different, most of the beam purlin Length is indefinite length, so the measured after cutting, if the span of small as much as possible to use steel, because the box beam must be welded, high cost, heavy weight, hoisting transport difficulties, at the end of the attic mezzanine construction Photo:
   3, connect
   Steel structure is mainly steel beam connection.1 :welding, 2 :high strength bolted connection. In large projects generally use high-strength bolts to connect or welding, because the site and welding power to allow this is not to say, in the mezzanine site is often a small space, the main beam is difficult to enter, even after the opening in the connection, mechanical easy to use Not on, hand lift after splicing in the hoisting steel beam connection.