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Update:01 Nov 2017

The Container Homes are similar to the trailer house, a […]

The Container Homes are similar to the trailer house, and the comparison of the two methods as a building use can be studied as a specific subject. For example, in addition to the activities of the trailer as dressed as such a lack of imagination attempt, the activities of trailer house is not provided much space for creation. While the containers are completely different, in the use of them as a architectural use of its modular nature provides a very free and full of creative imagination.

Containers are between product design, architectural design and artistic creation. In this sense, they mark the highest achievement in one field and the most basic element of another field. In terms of product design, they have a critical impact on the freight industry and all aspects related to the development of transport technologies. In terms of architectural design, the magical charm of the container is reflected in many aspects, especially as an independent and complete feature of the basic components.

They are both highly sophisticated and complex products of coordination, but also a completely flexible and free source of imagination. The simplicity of these simple buildings, as well as the endless possibilities of building blocks, makes the container building an inherent attraction.

Container Homes because it can move as a whole, so it also has a so-called mobile housing, it is the advantages of all the activities of housing in one, dedicated to the basis of ordinary activities on the basis of the development of new products, beautiful, affordable , Shape like a container, can move at any time, can move around, the price applies to a wide range of people. Container houses have many features worthy of our excavation.

1, the container Homes structure is safe and reliable: a unified solid overall structure, a perfect complete box structure, making the container homes can withstand 11 storms, in the storms leisurely.

2, the container Homes installation is simple and quick: the container homes is a pre-designed, self-contained perfect structure of the system, making the container homes installation is extremely simple, four skilled workers can install three units a day, can be described as saving time and effort Improve your work efficiency!

3, container homes packaging and transportation convenience: container homes in the design has been fully considered the packaging and transport links, so after a scientific and rational design and processing, can provide the best loading mode, every 40 feet container can hold 6 standard Unit body, greatly saving transportation space, saving transportation costs.

In general, container buildings are concentrated in coastal port cities and interact with container terminals and urban landscapes, in which containers are used for building applications that are required for ancillary operations related to container transport. In the larger scope, the container is used for construction and related construction and emergency medical assistance station construction, the reason is mainly the container homes to provide temporary buildings to solve the problem of the most convenient means, not only Construction is simple, and the cost is cheap, can be built on a variety of conditions on the foundation.