Container Homes Green Building Standards

Update:05 Dec 2017

The Container Homes are elegant appearance and generous […]

The Container Homes are elegant appearance and generous, affordable, but also make people admire is in this beautiful appearance, the internal structure is also very strong, excellent seismic performance, especially moisture-proof. So we introduce the performance characteristics of a comprehensive housing it?

The advantages of light steel structure. All parts can be stitched through the factory installation, construction speed, shorten the construction period. And seismic performance, is conducive to environmental protection. Light steel structure residential and current commonly used concrete structure compared to: First, dry construction, water conservation, building covers an area of less noise, less dust; Second, due to weight loss, less capital construction, destroyed the valuable resources of the land; Third, to reduce the use of concrete and brick; Fourth, the construction of the life expectancy, the structure of solid waste generated less waste can be recycled.

Honeycomb core structure of ecological integration of integrated housing. With fire, heat insulation, insulation, noise, waterproof and other system advantages. Ensure the characteristics of the wall, in different environmental conditions to maintain good stability, so as to ensure the smooth surface of the wall, not deformed, the wall does not divide.

Comprehensive energy-saving housing, energy-saving central air conditioning and ventilation systems to ensure the indoor temperature and humidity stability, high thermal insulation and high airtight, in order to increase room comfort and reduce energy consumption has laid a solid foundation, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation performance. Even if uninhabited for a long time in the winter, heating can be achieved in a very short period of time to achieve the appropriate temperature; generally we can see the construction site or resort, you can see their traces, or very energy-efficient.

Container homes damp-proof and earthquake resistant, integrated house wall and roof ventilation layer, the use of air density and temperature difference, the formation of natural wind effect.